How do I share a Sleepme+ Membership?

Sharing Sleepme+ Membership


Subscription Owner: Sleepme account that purchases a Sleepme+ subscription

Owner Email: Sleepme account email address used to purchase the subscription

Memberships: Subscriptions are comprised of 1 or more memberships that can be assigned to any Sleepme account

Assigned Membership: Memberships that are assigned to a Sleepme account

Unassigned Membership: Memberships that are not assigned to a Sleepme account

Share Link: One-time invitation link (URL) used to accept a shared membership

Sharee: Sleepme account with a shared Sleepme+ membership


Automatic Assignment

If they don’t already have one, the Subscription Owner is automatically assigned a sleepme+ membership at time of purchase. If the Subscription Owner already has an assigned membership or if the purchase is for multiple memberships, these ‘extra’ memberships will remain unclaimed. Sleepme+ memberships can be shared to anyone with a sleepme account by the Subscription Owner.


Managing Memberships 

To manage the assignment of memberships, the Subscription Owner must log into and go to the ‘Membership’ tab of the ‘My account’ page and scroll down to the ‘Manage Memberships’ section.


From the ‘Manage Memberships’ section, the Subscription Owner can claim or unclaim any membership. Only unassigned memberships can be shared and claimed. Only one sleepme+ membership can be claimed by a sleepme account at a time.


To claim a membership, simply click ‘Assign’ on the membership block and then click ‘Claim’ from the popup window.


To share a membership you must first click 'Assign'. Next copy the Share Link on the popup window and send that link to the sleepme member to claim. If you’re using the same computer, be sure to log out of the Subscription owner account and log in as the Sharee account after clicking the Share Link.


To unclaim a membership, click ‘Forget Membership’ or ‘Unassign’ on the membership block. Then click ‘Yes, Forget it’ or ‘Yes, Unassign’ respectively in the popup window to confirm.


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