How does Sleepme+ work without a Dock Pro?

Sleepme+ and Dock Pro

While we highly recommend becoming a member of sleepme+, it is not required to use a Dock Pro or any temperature regulations products. As a sleepme+ member with a Dock Pro, not only would you receive daily sleep reports from your Insight sleep tracker, but you would benefit from our Hiber-AI technology. Hiber-AI automates your Dock Pro temperature in real time to keep the optimal sleep conditions to promote quality, healthy sleep. 



Sleepme+ without a Dock Pro

Sleepme+ with a Dock Pro

Non-Wearable sleep tracker

Daily, Interactive sleep report

Library of sleep content and resources 

Manual Temperature Control


Programmable Temperatures throughout the night 


Real-time temperature automations


Advanced automations to control your Dock Pro


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