How is Hiber-AI like Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps?

Hiber-AI Details

Hiber-AI is analogous to Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps. No more detours, dead ends and traffic jams. 

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By creating a Program with a start and end time you are giving Hiber-AI its starting point and destination.

While you are asleep with Hiber-AI, we will begin to direct your Dock Pro to handle every turn, merge and exit based on your real time sleep data so that you arrive at your wake time well rested and restored. 

Having a restless night, like you are stuck in a traffic jam after a long day? Hiber-AI will “reroute” your temperatures to reduce your restlessness and get you in a comfortable sleep for the remainder of the night. 

So just lay in bed, and dream of driving down the autobahn at high speed, cruising cross country on Route 66 or a scenic route on the Pacific Coast Highway; Hiber-AI will do the rest.

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