How to check if a Dock Pro unit came with a 3.0 board

Even though we are transitioning away from the older control board that came in the first batch of Dock Pro units, we are going to continue having calls regarding connectivity issues in units that have the 1.0 boards. Here are a couple of different ways to check if the unit that is in the customer's possession has these older style board.


Serial Number

The simplest test will be confirming the Serial Number with the customer. If the SN starts with 32205 or greater (32206+) then it will have the 3.0 control board put in it from the time of manufacturing. 32204 or lesser have the potential of having a 1.0 control board. If you are working with someone who has a SN of 32204 or lesser you will want to continue to the next step.


Check in the Operations Portal

Now that you have the SN from the last step you can take that and plug it into the Operations Platform. In operations you can choose Devices > enter the serial number on the next screen and tap Search > then if the unit has been repaired, Repair History will come up. On this page under Diagnostics you can check the NOTES section to confirm if a 3.0 control board had previously been put into the unit.





Nothing showed up when I searched the Serial Number in Operations... now what?

If the Serial Number starts with 32204 or lesser, and there is no information in Operations showing that the control board has been changed out, you likely are working with a 1.0 unit. These units need to be replaced or repaired depending on their warranty.


Note: At the time of writing this article, we are still replacing all connectivity issue units, if you are reading this and haven't expressly been told that we are now repairing units, continue to replace connectivity issues. 

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