What's the difference between the chiliBLANKET™ and the Cool Luxe Blanket?

Weighted Blankets: chiliBLANKET vs. Cool Luxe Blanket


The fabric of this blanket is a minky polyester fleece that feels like you're hugging a dream! Whether lying in bed, or lounging on a couch this weighted blanket is perfect for snuggling up and chilling out. When connected to a thermal regulating unit, these blankets provide an unmatched experience, allowing the user to set their blanket to whatever temperature they desire within the unit's 55° - 115°F/13° - 46°C range.

A hidden zipper on the side of this blanket allows access to the 15lb weighted sheet insert, which is held in place by 14 tie loops. Weighted blankets provide a calming embrace, and have been scientifically proven to help reduce stress, aid in sleep and in relaxation. If you find that our blankets are too heavy, we would suggest removing the weighted insert. Many users find that the weight of the blanket and the water in the water lines are enough to achieve the same benefits without feeling like you are being smothered.


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Cool Luxe Blanket

Made with a linen cotton blend, this sluby material is much better at shedding heat than its fleece counterpart. The material might feel a little rough to start, but grows softer with every wash! The sluby material also lends itself to keeping the blanket in place no matter how much you might toss and turn throughout the night.

Just like the chiliBLANKET™, this blanket can be used with or without the thermal regulating unit attachment, though we would highly suggest connecting it to the Dock Pro system with the help of the Dock Expander! Access to the weighted sheet insert in this blanket can be granted by way of a hidden zipper. We've redesigned the zipper to open three of the four sides of the blanket, making it much easier to attach and remove the weighted insert.

On top of improved access to this sheet, we've switched twelve of the fourteen tie loops out for toggle button connectors. These small changes add up to a big improvement in assembling and disassembling the outer blanket and the inner weighted sheet.

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