Is CoolDrift Versa harmful in any way? Electro-Magnetic Emissions (EMS/EMC; unintentional radiation)

Is CoolDrift Versa harmful in any way?

CoolDrift Versa is tightly controlled for Electro-Magnetic Emissions (EMS).  Federal standards for electromagnetic emissions are required before any electrical device can be sold in the United States and CoolDrift Versa complies with all the federal regulations on electromagnetic emissions.  CoolDrift Versa does NOT utilize any radio transmitter such as a cellphone, wi-fi or bluetooth and doesn't communicate with any other device.

CoolDrift Versa was independently test to the home appliance standards, IEC 60335-1 and is marked with the SGS symbol for certification in the US/Canada and the CE mark for the European Union. The SGS symbol is equivalent to the UL marking in the US and the CSA marking in Canada. For the US: CoolDrift Versa was tested and complies Part 15 class B and of the FCC Rules. FCC Part 15 is a common testing standard for most electronic equipment. The summary of all the testing results are in the user manual that is included with CoolDrift Versa.

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