OOLER App: Getting Started


Overview: Whether you are new to our company or just to the OOLER, you are bound to have questions around the system and its app. Below you will find a list of "getting started" steps that should help you get set up and sleeping better!


How do I sign up for an OOLER account?

Once you've downloaded the app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store, you will be met with a screen asking for a username and password. Towards the bottom of this screen you should see "Don't have an account? Sign Up", you will want to click Sign Up and follow the process on the proceeding screens to set up your account.

Please Note: The OOLER account will be independent of any other accounts you might have with us such as a Chilisleep account or Sleepme account. So even if you already have a pre-existing account with us, unless it is specifically an OOLER account you will need to register.

I signed up for an account on the OOLER app but I can't remember my password.

On the log in screen under where you enter your email address and password, there will be an option that says "Forgot Password?" to click. After choosing this option, you will be brought to a screen where you will need to enter the email address associated with your account. After entering your email the system will then send a verification code to your inbox, which you can enter on the next screen, as well as enter and confirm your new password.

What if I forgot my email?

There is no way to recover your email on the app, so you would need to call into our technical support team for assistance. We would strongly recommend having your phone remember what email you used or keeping the email associated with your account somewhere that you can access it if this is a worry.

How do I sync my OOLER to my OOLER app?

Once you have your OOLER system set up, and the OOLER app downloaded, you will want to follow the prompts presented in the app to sync the unit to the app through Bluetooth.

Some things to note:

  • If you receive a message stating "This app is not authorized to use Bluetooth Low Energy." You will need to go into your General Settings, find the OOLER app and allow OOLER to access Bluetooth. 
  • Sometimes the app might have issues finding your device when its in pairing mode. If you aren't finding your OOLER when the app is scanning for it, turn off your phone's Bluetooth for 10 seconds and then turn it back on. After doing this you can go back through the syncing process and it should work. 

How do I set up a schedule?

Now that you're logged in, and your OOLER is synced to your app, you'll likely want to set up one or more schedules for your OOLER(s) to follow. At the bottom of your app's screen you should see an option for "Schedule", you'll need to click on this option to start. Once you've clicked into Schedule, you should have an option to "add a schedule", after clicking into this option you'll need to set the schedule name, the days that the schedule is active, your bedtime and your wake time. You will also have the option to add events but these are optional. An event can be set in the hours between bedtime and wake time. 

What is an Event?

An event is a temperature change that can be scheduled between the set bedtime and wake time. There are a couple of things to note when setting up events in your sleep schedule.

  • We suggest decreasing temperature a few digress, 30 minutes after bedtime. This helps your core body temperature drop approximately 3-5 degrees, the trigger for deep sleep.
  • We also suggest increasing the temperature by 3/5 degrees at the halfway point of your sleep; optimizing REM sleep. As the night progresses, REM sleep periods increase in length while deep sleep decreases. 
  • Finally, we would suggest using the Warm Awake feature. Your body's internal clock needs to warm up a few degrees to signal the brain that a new day is about to begin, and sleep should end. Warm Awake will increase your core body temperature to simulate a more natural wake up without using alarms. 

Please Note:If you have multiple OOLER units linked to your app you will want to confirm you are on the correct account, this can be located in the top left of the page under where it says "Sleep Schedules".

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