How to create a sales order for the purchase of a ChiliPad Pro

Sales Order

  1. Log into Acumatica.
  2. Select "Sales Orders" from the menu panel.
  3. Select "New Sales Order".
  4. Fill out the necessary sections:
    • For "Order Type" confirm that "SO" is entered.
    • For "Customer" choose the correct customer. If they do not have an ACU account choose the mceclip0.png option next to the Customer field and fill out the necessary information. Note: Please be sure to enter an email address in the "Account Email" field.
    • For "Customer Order" enter the order number associated with their previous purchase, or the Order number associated with the system that was gifted to them. Note: We need to confirm that they have a previously purchased Dock Pro system before selling them a CPP. The CPP will not connect to a Cube or OOLER unit, and even if they figure out a way to connect the pad to these units, it will burn them out in a matter of a couple days. 
    • For "Description" put "Order for [...] pad - [Your initials]" fill in the blank.
  5. Once the above steps are completed, add a line item and fill out the proper information:
    • For "Inventory ID" pick the correct pad size (these will begin with HL and follow the same sizing SKU as the Cool Mesh Pads, so for example HL500P is a Half Queen CPP).
    • Under "Quantity" choose the correct number of pads.
    • Select "SHIPPING" and for "Ship Via:" enter "FREE"
  6. Select themceclip2.png option. Under "Actions" select "Email Payment Request".
  7. Select the mceclip2.pngicon. Under "Processing" select "Hold".
  8. Let the customer know that you've emailed the payment request to them and that they should reach out to you once they have paid the invoice. It may take up to an hour after the payment is completed but under "Payments" you should see that the "Status" is closed. After confirming this you can take the hold off of the order. 



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