OOLER Has Been Replaced by Chilipad Dock Pro

The OOLER is Transitioning

What does “transitioning” and “replaced” mean?

The OOLER Sleep System is transitioning out as we are no longer building or ordering new inventory. We were excited to launch the Dock Pro in 2022, and have decided that OOLER will be sunsetting once inventory has been cleaned out. As our existing OOLER inventory reaches its end, we’re now at that stage where the Chilipad Dock Pro has replaced the OOLER Sleep System.


What happened to the OOLER app now that the OOLER is discontinued?

The OOLER app will continue to be serviced and operational even though the OOLER System is being discontinued. 


If I already have an OOLER Sleep System, is it still protected under the warranty?

Yes, warranties for the OOLER Sleep Systems inside the warranty window (1 year) will be honored. Our customer support team is here to assist with any warranty-related inquired or you can see here for details on our sleep trial and product warranties.


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