What temperature should I sleep at on my first night? 

A lot of factors are to be considered when selecting your perfect temperature, such as location, seasonality and ambient temperature. The body plays another major factor when finding the best temperature.


Take this simple quiz… On a normal night of sleep, do you tend to sleep hot, cold or neutral?

  • If you sleep cold, try a temperature between 84-78˚F
  • If you are unsure or sleep comfortable, try a temperature between 78-74˚F
  • If you know you’re a hot sleeper, try a temperature between 74-68˚F

Note: Have a Chilipad Pro (the pad that comes with the Dock Pro)? Take the same quiz, but add 10°F or ~6°C to the numbers above to account for the higher volume of water found in our newest pad. 


To find the best temperature, pick a temperature within the range of above and lay on the pad for 3 to 5 minutes to feel the sensation these temperatures provide.

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