Why is my pad not working but my unit is fine?

If the OOLER is working but the pad doesn't seem to be cooling or heating properly it can be caused by a bad connection or a blockage. To resolve this issue try disconnecting the tubing from the OOLER by disconnecting the tubing from the OOLER & pad.

Next, are there any kinks in the pad? They won't be visible to the eye, you'll have to manually feel along the tubing of the pad. The tubing that connects the unit & pad may have a kink, check there by disconnecting from both ends. 

Now, lets reconnect the unit to the pad and turn the unit on HI for an hour. Can you feel the warmth reaching the pad now? What about coolness when you switch to LO? Additionally, if you have a WE system try swapping the OOLER in question with the other OOLER. Does the issue follow the OOLER or stay with the pad? 

If the issue persists, your OOLER may need to be serviced or replaced. Find the serial number on your OOLER (located on the barcode sticker on the bottom of your OOLER). Please make sure to enter this on the form when reaching out to Customer Experience.

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