Can someone hack my WiFi Unit or Router info if they know the MAC address?

Dock Pro MAC Address

Sleepme app uses the Dock Pro’s MAC Address to identify itself during the onboarding process. The MAC Address will be displayed during the Bluetooth pairing process I.e. [Control unit name]-[MAC Address]. 


The Dock Pro’s MAC address is only made public during the brief moment while you are connecting the device to your mobile phone over Bluetooth. While the MAC address is made public, for someone to see your MAC address they need to be within range of your control unit while you are pairing or repairing your device. 


Once your Dock Pro is connected to the internet, the Bluetooth name is no longer displayed on your mobile phone or discoverable through a Bluetooth pairing process.


If someone was to obtain your control unit’s MAC Address they can not get on your local WiFi network, or connect to your home WiFi. 

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