How to Create a Sleep Program

Creating a Sleep Program with the Dock Pro

Setting up your program can seem a little daunting, especially if this is your first time using one of our products. The intent of this article is to help you understand the specifics of what each screen is telling you, and how you can fine-tune your schedule to your needs!


The first thing you want to do to set up a Sleep Program on your sleepme app, is to tap on the calendar icon (1). If you have already set up a Sleep Program, you will see the program(s) that will trigger on the current day of the week listed, but if you have none set up, you will see the option "GET STARTED" (2) which you can tap on.


After tapping on "GET STARTED" the app will ask you to name the program you are setting up. Once a name is entered the 'CONTINUE" button will become available to tap. 


After tapping continue you will be brought to the Program page. 

You will first want to set your Bedtime (1)(2).  You can set the time by either tapping on the Bedtime option at the top of the screen (1) and selecting the desired time or by dragging the bed icon to the desired time on the wheel (2). Note: We would suggest setting your bedtime 30 minutes to an hour before you plan to get into bed, this is so that the system has time to pre-heat/pre-cool to the desired temperature.

The next step is to set your Wake Time (3)(4). This can be completed using the same pathway as setting up your Bedtime; you will either select Wake Time (3) and set the desired time or drag the alarm clock icon (4) to the desired time. 

The time in the middle of the wheel (5) is the duration of your sleep program, we would advise having at least 8  hours of sleep a night. 

Items (6) and (7) show inactive and active days respectively. When setting up your program(s) you can designate which days it will run and which days it won't. The default is that all days will be selected and will be purple like in (7), when you deselect an option it will change to gray, as shown in (6)Note: You cannot have multiple programs active that effect the same time period on the same day but you can have multiple programs active that do not overlap. 


After setting up your Bedtime/Wake Time and tapping continue you will be brought to the "Create Program" page. This page is in place to bring your attention to the importance of setting up temperature changes through the night. 


The next page is where you will specify the temperatures you want your system to achieve. You can confirm that the correct days are listed at the top(1). If you need to add or remove days you can tap the three dots to the right of the days. After confirming that information looks correct, you will see that the first event we need to configure is your Bedtime (2)(3). Towards the bottom of the page you will notice that there is an information blurb that provides insight into each event (7), which we would suggest reading through for a better understanding of how to set your temperatures. The temperature we default Bedtime to is 78°F (25.5°C)(4), this can be adjusted with the - and + options found on either side of the temperature (5)(6). 78°F might seem high but that is only because we are used to thinking of air temperature. If you are setting up your schedule for the first time with your Dock Pro we would suggest following these guidelines when it comes to picking your temperatures.



The next two preset section are the "Deep Zone" (1) and REM Zone (4). You will see the times that are preset for these events next to the bed icon (2)(5). If you need to make a change to these event time you can either tap on the tile showing the time or tap on the time next to "Adjustment". You will also fine blurbs for these events as previously stated (3)(6)


After tapping continue you will be brought to the final page, you Wake Time settings(1). This screens setup should be familiar to you now besides the "Warm Awake" option (2). This is a wonderful feature for sleepers who are trying to add efficiency to their mornings. Rather than being woken up by the sound of a typical alarm clock you can turn this feature on to have the bed heat up around the designated time. This will offer you a more natural and less jarring waking experience. If you want to give it a try you can switch this option on. If you find that this feature isn't for you, turning it off is as simple as editing your schedule. Once you have your schedule all set up you can tap the "SAVE PROGRAM" option at the bottom of the screen (3)

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