Connecting your Dock Pro to Google Assistant & Google Home

Connecting Google Assistant & Google Home

Control your Dock Pro with your voice by connecting your Sleepme account to your Google Assistant or Google Home App. 

Connecting Sleepme to Google Assistant or Home

  1. Download either the Google Assistant or Google Home application in the Apple App or Google Play store
  2. For Google Assistant, tap the icon in the top right corner followed by ‘Devices
    1. Tap ‘Add (a) device
    2. Tap ‘Link a (smart home) device
  3. For Google Home, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner, followed by ‘Set up device
    1. Tap ‘Works with Google
  4. Search for ‘Sleepme
  5. Agree to link Sleepme to Google, you will be redirected to a login page
  6. Once on the login page, use your sleepme credentials to link Sleepme to Google
  7. Select the ‘Dock Pro’ you want to link to your account. 
    1. If you are going through Google Home you may need to place it in a “digital house/room


  • Hey Google, turn [Dock Pro Name] on (or off)
  • Hey Google, set [Dock Pro Name] to XX degrees
  • Hey Google, turn on [Dock Pro Name] on in XX minutes 
  • Hey Google, turn on [Dock Pro Name] for XX minutes 
  • Hey Google, set my bed to XX degrees
  • If this is the only Dock Pro assigned to your bedroom in the Google Home app
  • Hey Google, set [Dock Pro Name] bed to XX degrees
  • If you have two Dock Pros in your bedroom that are claimed by you.

The Dock Pro must be online and connected to receive and accept the command from Google. Also, we only support Fahrenheit right now, and HI and LO as temperatures can not be set.

Setting up a Google Routine


Complete multiple Dock Pro commands automatically with Routines within the Google Home Application. Set up a Routine to turn your Dock Pro on (or off) and set the temperature you want, all within one ‘command’. 

Set up a Routine

  1. Open the ‘Google Home’ Application
  2. Tap ‘Routines’
  3. Tap a ready-made routine, like ‘Bedtime’ or ‘Good Morning’
  4. Tap ‘add action’
  5. Tap ‘Try adding your own
  6. Type in your Dock Pro commands in each action*, something like
    1. Turn on [Dock Pro name]
    2. Set [Dock Pro name] to XX degrees 
  7. Tap ‘Save


Once a Routine is set up, the only thing you have to do is say the Google Assistant starter command that is associated with your actions.


Routine can be made for the morning, evening and even nap time. 


* Each command needs to be its own action.

*Dock Pro name has to be exact, if the name changes in sleepme, you will need to update the Routine

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