How do I switch temperature unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius on the Dock Pro?

Dock Pro Sleep System; Fahrenheit and Celsius Settings

Click HERE to watch a short video tutorial. 

The temperature unit on the Dock Pro can be changed two different ways: on the Dock Pro itself or through the sleepme mobile app.

Dock Pro

  • Hold down the Temperature (+) button and Temperature ( - ) button simultaneously until the display  changes the temperature units (less than 5 seconds).

Using the sleepme app

Using the sleepme app to adjust the temperature, follow the details below. change you

  • To change your Device Unit preference (F° or C°), launch  the sleepme app, and tap the settings gear in the top right corner. On the following page,  you’ll have the option to set your Device Unit preference.
  • To change the App Unit preference (F° or C°), launch the sleepme app and tap your initials in the upper left corner. On the following page under Settings, you’ll have the option to set your App Unit preference.

Note: In Celsius, the display can show temperatures in half degrees. 

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