Is your Dock Pro Unit leaking?

Dock Pro Leaking Instructions

Here is what to check for-- This is after removing the reservoir & taking a dry towel to remove excess water from the reservoir seat.

  1. Is the reservoir cap snug on the reservoir? You should hear & feel a "click".
  2. When you place the reservoir into the "seat" of the unit, do you feel it give a little?
    • The reservoir should sit flush with the unit itself-- if it is not, remove the reservoir & reseat so that the "Chilisleep" reads from left to right & you feel the unit drop a bit.
  3. Is Chilisleep reading from left to right? If not, repeat the added portion in step 2.
  4. Unplug the tubing that connects to the unit & pad from both ends & reconnect. You should hear an audible "click".


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