How Do Manual Changes Affect My Sleep Program?

Manual Changes to Sleep Program

One of the greatest features of the Dock Pro system is that you can set sleep programs that your system will run automatically, but what if you want to make a manual change while a sleep program is running?

Sleep programs when activated will take priority over any manual changes that are made, so if you feel that your scheduled program might be too hot or too cold, it is best to turn off the program and set the temperature to something that is comfortable. You can then make necessary changes after your sleep cycle. 

How do I turn off a Sleep Program?

This process is simple. You will want to access your sleepme app, click on calendar icon mceclip0.png and then switch the slider bar for whatever sleep program you have running off. 

If you are having a hard time with finding a temperature range that works for you, try reading through this article for assistance

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