What do the colors on my Tracker mean?

Sleep Tracker Color Indicators

The Tracker has a LED indicator in the Hub that will highlight various status.


  • Flashing Blue 
    • Start up
    • Bluetooth pairing mode (Wi-Fi internet not found)
  • Solid Blue
    • Bluetooth Paired 
  • Flashing Green 
    • WiFi has been established but the tracker hasn’t connected to the sleepme platform
  • Solid Green 
    • Connected to sleepme platform
  • Flashing Yellow/Amber *
    • Reset button pressed but reset hasn’t started
  • Solid Yellow/Amber *
    • Reset process initiated
    • Device will power cycle once process is completed
  • Flashing Red Error
    • Device error, please contact customer support


Note: The indicator automatically turns off after 3 minutes and remains off until a status change (e.g. Restart or WiFi reset) occurs. 


* The LED is set to Yellow but reads closer to orange/amber when viewed through the Hub enclosure. The User Manual currently states Yellow rather than Amber, this will be updated in the future.

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