Do your sleep systems work on all mattress types?

Sleep Systems & Your Mattress

Yes, all of our sleep systems (Dock Pro, OOLER, and Cube) work for anyone! Our sleep system comes in ME and WE options, and work with your existing mattress.

The ME is perfect for one person. Simply choose the size you need: split queen (twin), split king (twin xl), split cal king. Have an adjustable bed? That's okay. Purchase 2 MEs to optimize both sides of the bed.

The WE is ideal for two people and allows temperature optimization on both sides of the bed. Simply choose your size at checkout: queen, king, and cal king. 

Our sleep systems are easy to use. The hydronic pad and mattress cover design fit seamlessly on top of your mattress and under your sheets. The small control unit goes neatly under your bed or on your nightstand.

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