How do I connect my Tracker to the sleepme app?

Connecting Sleep Tracker to sleepme App

Using the sleepme app, pair your tracker by tapping the add device button. You’ll be guided to install your system step by step. When pairing your tracker, you may need the last 6 characters of the MAC ID which is located on the bottom of your tracker. 


During the pairing process, the Bluetooth Hub indicator will flash blue, indicating it’s ready for pairing. Once paired over Bluetooth the indicator will switch to solid blue and the app will ask for your WiFi network name and password. 


Follow the in-app instructions to complete connecting your tracker to the internet and to your sleepme account. Once connected to WiFi the Hub indicator will flash green temporarily and switch to solid green when fully connected to the platform. 



  1. Only 2.4GHz WiFi networks are supported
  2. Bluetooth broadcasting inactivates once the tracker is connected to WiFi
  3. The indicator automatically turns off after 3 minutes and remains off until a status change (e.g. Restart or WiFi reset) occurs.

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