Common FAQs for Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket FAQs

How much does the blanket weigh?
Without water, the total weight is 20 lbs. The weighted insert is 15 lbs and the outer cover & tubing are an additional 5 lbs. 

Water circulating through the tubes will add an additional .5 lb, so the total weight of blanket + water while in use is 20.5 lbs.

What is the size of the blanket?

48” x 84” (122 x 213CM) Covers HALF a king size bed)

What material is the blanket made of?

The removable outer cover is 100% polyester fiber. The weighted insert is polyester fiber with glass pellet weights.

Can it be washed?

The removable outer cover is machine washable. The weighted insert is spot-clean only.


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