Can I use OOLER without using Bluetooth?

OOLER Sleep System & Bluetooth

When the OOLER Control Unit is paired to your phone, you’ll be able to take advantage of many features in the OOLER app like creating a custom schedule, receiving bedtime reminders, changing fan speed, and much more. However, if you do not want to use the app because you are concerned about Bluetooth Radio interference or EMFs (electromagnetic field) exposure, you can still use the OOLER Control Unit and Hydronic Pad without the OOLER app. OOLER can be manually controlled using the temperature controls on the physical Control Unit which include a Power Button (On/Off), and a separate temperature up and temperature down button.  

Here is how the OOLER Control Unit’s Bluetooth Radio works:  

  1. The Bluetooth radio is never turned on until the customer holds down the power button on the Control Unit for 5 seconds. If the Control Unit is put into Bluetooth pairing mode but was never connected to a phone/tablet; the Bluetooth pairing mode will timeout after 60 seconds and will go dormant until pairing mode is re-started.   
  2. If the control unit is paired to a phone/tablet and the phone/tablet is out of range or disconnected from the Control Unit, the Control Unit’s Bluetooth radio will always try to search and re-establish its connection to the phone/tablet.  
  3. While the Control Unit is paired and connected to the phone/tablet, the Control Unit will communicate changes and diagnostics from the Control Unit to its paired phone/tablet in real time.   

Some customers may want the OOLER Control Unit to run on a schedule, but also do not want the Bluetooth radio in the OOLER Control Unit actively broadcasting throughout the night. In this scenario, you’ll:

  1. Pair the Control Unit to your phone/tablet  
  2. Setup a schedule in the OOLER app while connected over Bluetooth. 
  3. With the schedule saved on the OOLER (there is not a "Pending Changes" banner on the Schedule page), navigate to the Device page and tap on the Settings gear in the top right. Then tap "Disconnect". This will tell the phone to stop trying to pair to this OOLER Control Unit. 
  4. Stop the Bluetooth radio communications on the OOLER Control Unit itself by holding down the Power Button on your OOLER Control Unit until the Bluetooth logo starts flashing. The Bluetooth logo will flash for 60 seconds and then will timeout and go dormant (disconnected).  
  5. At this point, your OOLER Control Unit will run your custom schedule and Bluetooth communication have been disconnected, thus EMFs are no longer present.  

Note: The system will not update for daylight savings if it is not connected to the app. 

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