What should I do if my Cool Mesh Pad is not cooling?

Cool Mesh Not Cooling

Please keep in mind that the temperature in your Hydronic Pad will not be the same temperature as the water in your OOLER Control Unit. Your temperature setpoint controls how cold/hot the water should be in your OOLER Control Unit.

However, as the water moves through the tubing in the Hydronic Pad, heat transfer naturally occurs causing the water temperature to change closer to the ambient room temperature.

To accommodate for this, choose a setpoint on your OOLER Control Unit a few degrees colder/hotter than you desire. This is also dependent on the ambient room temperature and the body mass of the individual using the Hydronic Pad. For optimal performance, place a dense blanket or comforter on top of you when you sleep as this provides an insulation layer to the pad.

If changing your target setpoint does not help, consider the following options:  

  1. Pre-Cool Your Bed: Turn your Control Unit on about 20 minutes prior to getting into bed to cool your entire bed before you get in.
  2. Ensure the Control Unit and Pad are working properly: 
    1. Ensure the Control Unit's reservoir is full of water. 
    2. Make sure that there are no kinks in the tubing of the Hydronic Pad.
    3. Disconnect the Hydronic Pad from the Control Unit and reconnect. 
    4. Factory reset the OOLER Control Unit

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