Dock Pro Wifi Connection Issues - Setup

Dock Pro Wifi Connection Issues - Setup

This article covers basic wireless network setup trouble shootings steps and FAQs, the goal is to help you get your Dock Pro connected to your network for the first time. 


Verify your phone can send the wifi credentials

To start, please make sure if you have your phone’s bluetooth enabled, in some cases this requires location services turned on as well.  This is how the application sends your wifi credentials to the Dock Pro.  Also be sure to disable any VPNs or mobile hotspots you may have enabled on your phone (you can enable them again after setup)

Verify network type and password

Next, you will want to confirm that you are trying to connect to a 2.4 GHz network and not a 5 GHz network (either dedicated or dual-band).  Also double check that the password you’re sending to the network is correct; our devices do not support unsecured networks that do not require a password.

Factory Reset unit

Next, let’s complete a factory reset to wipe any existing wifi credentials and put the unit back in pairing mode.  You will want to raise the target temperature by 3 degrees using the (+) button on the unit, lower the temperature by three degrees using the (-) button, and then hold the power button for 15 seconds. After completing these steps, you should see 8’s across the display screen.

Reattempt Bluetooth Pairing and Wifi Credentials

You will then be able to verify the unit is in pairing mode as the bluetooth icon will be flashing on the display when the unit starts back up.  If you do not see a flashing bluetooth icon, retry the steps above.

When you’re on the screen in the app to select a device to pair with, note that all devices powered and in pairing mode will show.  Once you’ve selected a device to pair with, the unit you’ve connected to will display a solid-on bluetooth logo, indicating it has a connection with your mobile device.

Verify Distance from Nearest Access Point

If you are still having issues connecting, then it might be an issue of the physical distance between the unit and your router.  Try moving your Dock Pro control unit to a different location, say from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, to see if that gets a better signal to your router. 

You can temporarily move your Dock Pro control unit (note: pad not needed, unit can run disconnected), to another room to get closer to your router to complete initial setup and any firmware updates.  But please note, if the room your Dock Pro will run in does not have a strong enough signal, your unit may only intermittently work through the app.

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