Why is my Dock Pro turning on at random times?

Reasons why your Dock Pro might be turning on at unscheduled times

Missing or incorrect time zone

If you’ve set up a sleep program for your Dock Pro to follow it is possible that your system is turning on at unexpected times due to the time zone being incorrect or undefined.

To check your time zone settings, tap the icon in the upper right corner of your sleepme app’s landing page > choose Dock Settings > in the following list you will find the option for Time Zone where you can either confirm that the correct time zone is present or set your time zone. 


Hiber-AI features

If you have both the Dock Pro and the Sleep Tracker, it is possible that the reason your unit is turning on or off at unscheduled times is because of your automation preferences. To access your automations, tap the calendar icon located at the bottom of your app > tap the Hiber-AI icon in the upper left corner > on the following page you will want to check to see if the following automations are turned on:

  • Early to bed
  • Wake up early
  • Late to bed

These automations will turn your bed ON or OFF at unscheduled times in certain scenarios. If any of these are turned on and line up with your experience with the system turning on or off it is likely due to your automation settings. 


The unit is claimed by another user

If you have a WE system, it is possible that the unit you are using is claimed by the other sleeper and running their program. To claim a device, access your sleepme app > tap on the bed icon in the lower right corner and claim the device you want to run your sleep programs. If you don't see a device listed you will need to go through the pairing process


Note: If you see the unit is claimed but it still isn't following your sleep programs, it can help to remove the claim on the device, wait a few seconds and then reclaim it. This will force the app to refresh its connection to the device.


A known firmware bug

There is a known issue where the Dock Pro will randomly activate. Currently the only workaround is to manually turn the unit off, either from the app or directly from the unit. This bug doesn’t affect every unit, and we are working on a firmware release to resolve this issue along with other quality of life changes. 

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