Why does the water droplet keep showing up on my unit's display screen?

Water Droplets on Cube or OOLER

If you notice that the water icon on your Cube or OOLER keeps indicating that the water level is low, you will want to check the unit for leaks. The system circulates water through a closed loop, so water evaporation won't cause the system to need continuous refills.

The most common areas where water can leak from a unit are from underneath the unit, through the vents on the sides and back, or from where the hose connects to the unit on the back. 

If you do not find an obvious leak we would suggest putting the unit on a baking sheet, rubber mat, or some other tray that would catch water. We would also advise checking the hose and pad/blanket to see if you can find any leaks.

If you complete these steps and still are unable to find any leaks, then you will want to confirm that the water in the unit's reservoir is touching the bottom of the threads that the cap screws in to. This should trigger the water icon to turn off, but if it doesn't you will want to screw the cap on and then moderately shake the unit up and down. It is possible that the float sensor in the unit is stuck and by shaking the unit you will be able to dislodge the sensor.  

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