How close should the water temperature be to the set temperature on the OOLER?

OOLER Water Temperature & Set Temperature

Both the Cube and OOLER systems are slated to get as low as 55° F and as high as 115° F, but there are several key factors that come into play when trying to reach these temperatures. Ambient room temperature, humidity, unit placement, as well as pad and control unit maintenance all can cause the system to underperform. Another factor that a lot of people don't think about is that their own body heat will alter the temperature of the water in the system. 

When a person lies down on the cooled pad their body heat transfers to the water circulating through the system. This will warm the water, and the system will then work to shed that heat through the vents of the unit. With someone on the pad, the most we should see is a 5° difference between a user's set temperature and the current temperature of the water in the system. If the system fails to keep the water temperature within 5° of this target temperature we will want to check to make sure it is none of the factors listed below.

What is the room temperature?

Both the OOLER and Cube should be able to reach 55 F in a room that is 74 F or less. If the room is warmer than this, that will be the likely culprit on why the system isn't cooling down to the target temperature, and we would suggest cooling down the room to see if that remedies the issue. 

What is the humidity of the room?

The humidity needs to be at 55% or less for our systems to function properly. For most people this will be a harder metric to gauge but can confirmed by our technical support team specifically for the OOLER. If you think this might be the reason your system isn't cooling you will want to send a log sheet to technical support, which will provide a reading of the humidity level of the air that the OOLER is taking in. 

Where is your unit located?

Without enough space around the control units, they will not be able to properly ventilate. This can produce a warm air-pocket which will greatly decrease the efficiency of the units. We advise that there be at least 18' around all sides of the unit to give it enough open air to properly vent. If this isn't possible with your set-up, we advise you provide as much space as possible as well as having sufficient airflow in the room where you are operating the system. This can be achieved through having a fan circulate the air in the room for example. 

Is it time to clean my system?

Finally, system maintenance needs to be taken into account when there is a cooling or heating issue. We advise that if you have a Cube system you clean all components, control unit(s) and pad(s), once a month with our chili cleaner. If you have an OOLER system we would suggest cleaning all components once every two or three months, also with cleaning solution. 

Still not working?

If you've gone through all the troubleshooting above, it is possible that there is a mechanical issue with your system. Find the serial number on your Cube (located on the barcode sticker on the bottom of your Cube). Please make sure to enter this on the form when reaching out to Customer Experience.

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