How do I determine the right temperature(s) to sleep at with my Dock Pro system?

Recommended Starting Temperatures for Chilipad Bed Cooling Systems

Everyone has a unique and ideal sleep temperature, which is one of the main reasons people struggle to get deep, rejuvenating sleep consistently. Remember, since everyone is different, it may take 2-3 weeks to find your sweet spot, but here are some suggestions based on the Dock Pro.

Recommended temps for your first night: 

  • If you sleep cold, we recommend 78-82˚F degrees.
  • If you sleep hot, we recommend 72-76˚F degrees.

You can also create a custom sleep program (schedule) using the Sleepme app. When you create the first program, the program will default to the following: 


Adjustment Name Time Temperature Description
Bedtime Your Bedtime Defaults to 78˚F

Adjust this temperature to what you like. Everyone is different. Some prefer entering a warm and cozy bed and some prefer entering a cool, refreshing bed. 

Pro Tip: Choose a temperature that is different than ambient temperature. When you get into bed and your body senses a temperature change; that will send a signal to your brain that “I’m in bed and it’s time to sleep.”

Deep Sleep Zone Defaults to 30 minutes after your Bedtime Defaults to 74˚F We recommend decreasing the temperature a few degrees about 30 minutes after falling asleep to help your core body temperature drop. You’ll want this window of time to be the coldest temperature to help promote more Deep Sleep. Deep Sleep is critical for cell and tissue repair, filing long-term memories, removing toxins from the brain, and more. 
REM Sleep Zone Defaults to 4 hours after Bedtime Defaults to 77˚F We suggest increasing the temperature by 3-5 degrees F halfway through your sleep/ As the night progresses, REM sleep periods increase in length while Deep Sleep decreases. REM sleep helps reduce anxiety and works to organize thoughts and information gained throughout the day. This is also usually when your most vivid, memorable dreams occur. 
Off Defaults to Off 8 hours after Bedtime Off Warm Awake is also set to Off. 

Note: Pair your Chilipad Dock Pro with the Sleepme Tracker and AI will automatically adjust the target setpoints for you, while you’re asleep.


Additional Tips

Once you've found a temperature that you're comfortable with, you can adjust it to your liking. Here are a few tips for finding the right temperature for your Chilipad sleep system:

  • Gradually adjust the temperature until you find a setting that is comfortable for you.
  • It is normal for your target setpoint temperatures to change as the seasons change.
  • For Dock Pro, experiment with different sleep programs to see what works best for you. (if you wake up too cold, adjust the program in the sleepme app like you would a home thermostat schedule. 
  • Keep in mind that your core body temperature changes throughout the night, so you may need to adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • Test it out. With the covers on top of the bed, choose a temperature and lay on the pad for 3 to 5 minutes to feel the sensation these temperatures provide.

With a little trial and error, you'll be able to find the perfect temperature setting for your Chilipad bed cooling system. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day!

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